Home Marketing System


It Takes More Than A Yard Sign
And A Smile To Sell A Home !


That is why we developed the our Home Marketing System.  Available exclusively through RE/MAX Best, our Home Marketing System is designed to help:

 Get the best possible price for your home . . .

With the most favorable terms for you . . .

In the shortest possible period of time . . .


And the least inconvenience to you !

We Start With You !


You are an integral part of our Home Marketing System.  We depend on your knowledge of your home and neighborhood in combination with ours to help us attract the right buyers to your door.  We start by carefully reviewing the features of your home with you.  Then we discuss the special characteristics that make your home stand out in the crowd.  These features and characteristics will be compiled to share with prospective buyers as well as real estate professionals who may have potential buyers for your home.

You see, we realize it does not matter to you who brings you the right buyer - what matters is that the right buyers get to your home.  And that is why the Home Marketing System is so important.

Local real estate professionals as well as our associates across the United States can be made aware of the availability of your beautiful home.


Establishing A Listing Price!

Our Home Marketing Analysis will help us establish a realistic price range for your home.  But YOU determine the actual listing price !  With the RE/MAX Best Home Marketing System, we will help you set the market price range for your home - and show you how your goals determine the actual listing price.


If you want to sell quickly, your home should probably be listed on the lower end of the price range determined by the Home Marketing Analysis. 

On the other hand, you may be in no hurry and more interested in obtaining maximum equity from the sale of your home.  In that case, the higher end of the price range may be more to your satisfaction.  But we must always remember that ultimately it is the buyer who will determine the price.

With our Home Marketing Analysis, we will position and price your home properly.  We will use our extensive knowledge of the local real estate market to establish a comparative value for your home, taking into consideration the sales prices of other homes that have recently SOLD in your neighborhood.

Anyone can promise an unrealistically high listing price - but there are pitfalls.  Interested buyers could be lost because your home appears to be out of their price range . . . or other real estate professionals might show your home just to add luster to another property that is realistically priced.  Worst of all, you could face the possibility of a price decrease later on - after you have  lost initial impact of being "the new house on the market."

And, of course, you know the pitfalls of under - pricing your home !

By establishing a realistic - yet ambitious - listing price for your home, we can help increase the percentage of prospective buyers who will look at your home.  We can help assure that your home is viewed by those buyers who have a valid interest in your home.



Getting Buyers To Your Door !


The RE/MAX Best FOR SALE sign in your yard is one of the first visual signals that your home is on the market.  But it is only the very beginning of our strategy to give your home the exposure it needs.

We will introduce your home to real estate professionals throughout our local community.  Prospective buyers may be found by many other real estate companies - and that is how we mobilize the entire real estate sales force to find just the right buyer for your home.

Successfully marketing a home calls for property exposure on both local and national levels.  Our local activities will work in conjunction with national awareness to help assure that competition is created for your home.


Closing To Your Advantage!


We will prequalify buyers before they make their offer to help you avoid the risk of having the deal fall through later on.  RE/MAX Best sales associate will personally present that offer with a purchase agreement.  We will answer your questions, and help you understand your options.


Once the purchase agreement is signed by you and your buyer, We will handle all the details necessary to close the sale.  From beginning to end, RE/MAX Best sales associate will be there to protect your interest . . . to make sure that terms are the most favorable . . . to help steer you through the red tape that precedes closing.


Your Goals Are Our Goals !


When you made the important decision to sell your home and move on, you knew it might take time and effort to achieve your financial and personal home - sale goals.  We will work with you to achieve those goals as quickly and conveniently as possible.