Looking For A New Home Can Be The
Equivalent Of A Wild Goose Chase !

There IS a better way to buy a home: the RE/MAX Best Home Buying System. It is a systematic approach to finding and purchasing your next home.   The Home Buying System is intended to help you:

Determine your housing price range . . .  

Locate the home of your choice . . .

Negotiate an affordable price and terms . . .

Handle closing to your best advantage!

You Are Our Key !

The purchase of a home is likely the largest single financial transaction you will ever make - and certainly one of the most important.  Once you have decided it is time to make another house your home, it is important that you take advantage of all the resources available to you through RE/MAX Best.

We will start with you and your family.  We will talk about the reasoning behind your decision to move as well as your needs and wants.   Understanding your "side of the fence" will help us match your family and lifestyle to a neighborhood and home that are perfect for you.

 Look At Houses!

RE/MAX Best will introduce you to a selection of homes that meets your housing requirements and style preferences - and weed out countless houses that simply do not "fill your bill !"  We recognize that sellers are represented by many firms - and we can show you any home listed by any real estate company, at no charge to you That is right, is does not cost you one penny more for us to help you purchase another companies listing.  We can act as your Buyers agent for any home listed FOR SALE - WE WORK FOR YOU ! 

RE/MAX Best Home Evaluation Card will help you keep track of the homes we view together.  On it, you can record basic factual information about each property that is seen: address, price, style, number of bedrooms and baths, and such.  And, you can keep track of the special features that make one home stand out more than others.

Throughout your home-finding process, we will keep in touch with you.  You will be contacted as often as needed about homes that are new on the market a well as homes that have had price changes.

The Work Begins !


Once you have found the home you would like to buy, we can help you handle the "red tape" aspects of the transaction so that once everything is said and done, everything really is said and done.


Final transactions begin with a purchase agreement.  Your RE/MAX Best sales associate will write your purchase agreement and present it to the sellers or their agent.  From the time you and the sellers sign the purchase agreement until closing, we will attend to the details and make sure things go smoothly, reporting progress to you at regular intervals.

We will represent you at closing and help you make a final inspection of the property to be sure that everything is exactly as you saw it when you agreed to purchase the home.

From beginning to end, your RE/MAX Best sales associate will be there to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Your Goals Are Our Goals !

At RE/MAX Best, we realize how challenging - indeed, tedious - the search for a new home can be.  We also know how complicated the final transactions on a home sale can be.  That is why we developed the Home Buying System: to provide you with the professional assistance and real estate tools that can take the "wild goose chase" out of your home search . . . and give you assurance that final transactions are made with your best interests in mind.  

We also have a strategy for helping you sell your home.  Ask how the RE/MAX Best Home Marketing System can help you sell your home quickly, at the best possible price, and with the least inconvenience to you.

There are literally thousands of real estate firms in the United States.   But there is only one real estate network that can offer RE/MAX Best strategies for helping you sell your present home and find your next home.

When Buying a Home . . .
Always . . .   
  • Get a Home Inspection Report.
  • Get pre-approved for a loan prior to finding a home. Call us. We have a few good references.
  • Receive a copy of the Structural Pest (Termite) Report.
  • Demand to see the Seller Disclosure from the Seller.
  • Review the Preliminary Title Report for liens, encumbrances or zoning which may adversely affect ownership.
  • Have a Comparative Market Analysis performed on the home prior to your offer, followed up by an appraisal.
  • Have Net Sheets completed, disclosing all costs prior to the offer being made.
  • Have your own Personal Buyers Agent working for you.  Our Buyers Agents work for you at NO EXTRA COST; FREE!